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I will take the time to go over all the details. I often find that my clients learn more about their mortgage during renewal or re-financing with me than they did initially. It’s imperative for me that my clients know their options and are confident about the decisions we make together. I will guide you through this process so that no questions are unanswered.

Quick Turn-around

I will get back to you quickly. An approval process can be lengthy when you’re dealing with the bank on your own with a turn around time of two weeks or more. You can expect much shorter turn around times with me; between 1-2 business days for approval and within the same day for questions.

Great Results

I encourage my clients to get a mortgage they are comfortable with and not over extend themselves. I educate my clients with the right strategies to pay less interest, pay off their mortgage sooner, and own their home in a shorter time while still maintaining their desired lifestyle.

SliderPhoto5I’m committed to finding the best solution that works for you.

I am a licensed Vancouver Mortgage Broker in the province of British Columbia and I specialize in helping first time homebuyers own their first home. I receive great pleasure knowing that I am able to help someone invest in their future. Through referrals, I have become very experienced in arranging financing for investment properties, second homes, debt consolidation, refinances and even lines of credit. Whatever your situation, there is a solution and I am determined to find it.

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Atrina is an independent, licensed, mortgage broker in the province of British Columbia. She specializes in helping first time home buyers get into the market and invest in their future just like she did at the age of 25. She has a degree in Human Relations & Commerce, and past work experiences in HR & Real Estate Development have provided her with solid problem solving and customer service skills. Atrina brings to the table a holistic approach to finding her clients the best mortgage available that suits their needs and lifestyle. She believes in complete transparency and going over every detail so that her clients know all of their options. In the mortgage field where changes happen frequently, Atrina stays up to date with continuous education and personal growth to better service her clients.

Licensed Mortgage Broker

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Last Updated: Tuesday 13th of November 2018

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2 year3.24x
3 year3.243.15
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5 year3.192.40


“We initially chose to pursue a mortgage with our bank; 4 weeks later, we still hadn’t managed to secure an agreement. At this point Atrina become involved, and we had a commitment from a new lender within seven hours. We’ll absolutely be recruiting Atrina at the outset of our next mortgage operation. Not only was Atrina fast, she was courteous, impeccably professional, and very patient with all our questions. I couldn’t have been more pleased.”
“As first time home buyers, Atrina was very helpful and patient through each step of the process with our many questions. She was always very responsive to our emails and messages even when she was out of town, and we always felt she had our best interests in mind. We highly, highly recommend Atrina‘s services.”
31b5fc2Atrina was very professional, kept us informed at all steps along the way, and got us a great rate. I’d work with her again.”
“Rates are numbers that do not carry any intrinsic values. Services, on the other hand, are that which distinguishes one broker from another. When it comes to hassle free mortgage services, Atrina, is simply incomparable.”
31b5fc2“Atrina and I helped a first home Buyer and Atrina was just amazing! I really appreciate her professionalism and hard work to make things happened. Through her help, my clients found their house and with the best mortgage rate they could get! Thanks for the great work Atrina!”
“Atrina is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is extremely quick to get back to you and always works in her clients’ best interest. As a Realtor, I know how important it is to have a good mortgage broker on your side. I’m always more than happy to refer my clients and family to Atrina, as I know they will receive the highest calibre in service.”
31b5fc2“Atrina is well informed with market study around mortgage options. She was able to get me best mortage rate in very small amount of time. She is transparent and thorough in her approach. I will surely recommend her to anyone looking for mortgage.”
31b5fc2“When it came to getting a mortgage and all the work that came with it, Atrina was indispensable. She is knowledgeable, friendly and resourceful. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again and it’s a pleasure to recommend her to anyone who’s in the market for a mortgage.”
31b5fc2“As a first time home buyer, there was a lot of new terminology I had never heard of and needed to learn. Atrina explained everything very clearly and used great examples that helped me understand. Before I talked to Atrina, I didn’t know that there were different types of lenders available, she made sure I used a lender that suited my needs, and I am very happy with the flexible lender she recommended. She was very approachable and helpful and I often emailed her questions which she responded to promptly. When it came to crunch time she performed and had all the papers ready to go. I highly recommend her services.”
31b5fc2“Being a first time home buyer, I had, without a doubt, many uncertainties, especially when it came to applying for a mortgage. The experience with Atrina was beyond excellent, she was very professional and detail oriented in that she spent a lot of effort assessing my financials. She then suggested a few products and when she had everything ready, we discussed my best options with her explaining every detail until there was no more doubt left in my mind. Atrina is a high-energy person who made recommendations based on my needs instead of what she is required to sell for profit. Highly recommended!”
31b5fc2“Atrina helped Mark and I get approved for our first home. We were concerned as we were both business owners and we’ve heard it’s more difficult to get approved but Atrina helped guide is through the process and made it seem quite simple. She was very efficient and patient with us. We highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking to buy a home!”
31b5fc2“Atrina guided me through my first mortgage. Atrina not only educated me with her honest and professional approach, but she did so with true patience and care. She gave me the flexibility I was looking for, and really, the best rates. More importantly, I loved her positive personality and she is just an amazing person to work with. Thank you, for taking care of me and making me feel like I was your best client! I can confidently trust Atrina with my friends, family, and clients”
Atrina was recommended to me by my realtor, I was impressed by her professionalism, her excellent communication style. Atrina earned my trust and maintained it throughout the transaction by always backing up her commitments. Atrina was always available when I needed her and would walk me through the minutest detail of my loan and got me an amazing rate on a 25 year mortgage. Atrina is honest person, an excellent communicator, and is patient with those who don’t understand mortgages in great detail. I highly recommend her for all your mortgage needs.”
“I would highly recommend Atrina‘s services to anyone looking for a mortgage, but especially to first-time home buyers. We initially went to our bank for a pre-approval, but spoke to Atrina on our realtor’s recommendation – and we are very glad we did! She not only found us a great rate and flexible mortgage, but also took the time to work with us to find out how much we could really afford. She also took the time to clearly explain every step of the process and answered all our questions promptly. We will definitely be using (and recommending!) her services again.”


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