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Fixed or Variable Mortgage Rates?

Many people are faced with this decision when purchasing and obtaining a mortgage for their home. Each have their own pros and cons and each are suitable for the right situation and the right borrower. As of November of 2011 the B20 guidelines made it much more difficult and impossible for some to borrow a variable term mortgage. One of the major rule changes was that in order to qualify for a variable term mortgage or a fixed mortgage of less than 5 years, the borrower needed to get qualified […]

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Top 10 mortgage mistakes in Canada

Some mistakes can and should be avoided especially if they end up costing you lots of cash. Mortgage mistakes fall in that category, as the amount on any mortgage borrowed is usually far greater than the total liability most people have. What are these mistakes and how can they be avoided?   1-     I’m loyal to my bank and they will provide me with the best mortgage out there! So you have been loyal to your bank and have banked with them all of your life.  Are they going to […]

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How comparing mortgage rates in Canada can save you lots of cash

Many people simply sign over the dotted line when their current mortgage lender sends them their renewal. It is usually a simple letter that conveniently comes around about 6 months before the mortgage is up for renewal. It’s common to believe that since the client has been with the bank for the term and has made their payments regularly, they would automatically get the best rates. What can come as a shock to people is that their loyalty to their bank will not get them the best rate or service. […]

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How to make the best of your home improvements

You’ve owned your home for a few years and perhaps it is starting to look a little outdated. Maybe you are going into a home that needs a little TLC and some good renovations to make it more current and functional. Whatever the required or wanted changes, it is important to keep in mind that just because you put in the money to renovate, it doesn’t mean that you would get it back. Instead of making a home YOUR dream home to increase value, focus on what buyers are looking […]

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