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Rising Stress Test Rates – Qualifying for less – and Current Market in the GVA @PULSEFM

Officially all the major banks in Canada have raised their 5-year posted rate. TD was the first national bank that discreetly increased its 5-year posted rate from 5.14% to 5.59%. Other lenders followed with Scotia being the last lender to increase its 5-year posted rate. And just like that the benchmark rate went up. If you already have a mortgage, you are unaffected. If you are house hunting even this little increase will mean that you qualify for a smaller mortgage. What if you have a pre-approval/rate hold? Unfortunately, that […]

What Makes Prime Fluctuate- Podcast with Ian Power @PulseFM

If you have or thinking of getting a mortgage, or a loan you may have heard the term prime. If you are in the industry you have probably heard of the “overnight lending rate.” Lines of credit, Home equity lines of credit, and variable mortgages are all considered fluctuating rates. These rates go up or down based on the prime rate. Prime is a rate that financial institutions lend at. Depending on the product that you are getting ie. mortgage or loan, the rate offered would be at prime – […]

New Stress Rate – Interview with Pulse FM

We entered 2018 with yet another big change for mortgages. The stress test previously reserved for insured mortgages became the norm for all mortgages (insured and conventional) originated at federally regulated financial institutions. I had the pleasure of being on Pulse FM with Ian Power discussing what the stress test means for home buyers, predictions on how it will affect our market, and tips on getting into the real estate market. If you are planning to invest in real estate, check out this short interview. Hopefully, it will answer some […]

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Advice for Non-Residents Looking to Purchase Real Estate in British Columbia

After helping a number of foreign buyers recently purchase real estate in Vancouver, I’ve realized just how many people are interested in putting down some roots in our beautiful city. For those of you eager to have a bit more information, here is some straightforward yet concrete advice for non-residents looking to purchase real estate in British Columbia. Where to Buy? Where you buy in BC will depend entirely on what your ultimate goals are. If you plan on spending time in BC and would like to be close to […]

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Why Working With An Impartial Mortgage Broker Is More Important Than Ever

Earlier this year we heard of those “crazy Canadian banks” at it again. Despite pains the Bank of Canada has taken to prevent a housing crash of the 2008 variety, the volume of uninsured mortgages and home equity loans is startling, maybe because it’s getting harder to get an insured mortgage. Not just that; the pressure to oversell at the big lending institutions, even when it’s not in the client’s best interest, was finally been brought to light. Now, more than ever, working with an impartial mortgage broker is more […]

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Canadian Mortgages vs. American Mortgages – Part II

In my previous blog about Canadian mortgages vs. American mortgages, I went over a few of the more important issues you will run into buying south of the border. This includes amortization periods, fixed-interest rates, and the differences between the no-recourse and recourse states. I’m going to try and cover what are the more important points remaining, but, as always, you should consult with a trusted professional before going out and making a purchase. NON-RECOURSE STATES It’s true that the waters tend to get a little murky on the topic […]

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Canadian Mortgages vs. American Mortgages – Part I

There are a lot of reasons to be interested in Canadian versus American home mortgages these days. Not only do our respective economies have great influence on one another, Canadians hold the number one spot for foreign housing investment south of the border. There are, however some very real differences to be mindful of. So, whether you’re thinking of becoming a snowbird or simply want an investment property, here’s some information to get you started. AMORTIZATION & FIXED RATE MORTGAGES As published by Which Mortgage, known as Canada’s only independent […]

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Buying your home from your landlord – Viable Option In Vancouver’s Overheated Real Estate Market?

Ballooning real estate prices in Vancouver have seen an increasing number of property owners eager to cash in for a substantial profit. That means more and more renters are finding themselves with an interesting quandary: hunt down a new place to rent, or toss their hat in the ring and buy the property they’re in. Renting to own, is this a viable option in Vancouver’s overheated real estate market? For those currently house hunting in the west coast wonderland, it’s an enviable position to find yourself already living in the […]

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Buy or Bi-Coastal?

Why Being Jet Set Doesn’t Have to be a Hotel Sentence If your work life requires you to be bicoastal, you’re in good company. Former US President Barack Obama and family are now the proud owners of a California estate and a spread in Washington, DC. But even if you don’t have the means or the reputation that comes with a posse of helping hands, being bicoastal does not have to be a hotel sentence forever. With an ever-increasing number of people joining the ranks (whether by choice or necessity), […]

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As Your Life Changes, So Do Your Home Needs

Recently I wrote a blog about starter homes vs. forever homes. What I didn’t mention at the time was the disappointment many of my clients have felt when faced with the reality of what they can actually afford. It’s usually about this time too–when I’m watching a client stare down the reality of buying a studio apartment on the east side instead of a semi-detached home in the West End–that I tell them to remember one thing: as your life changes, so do your home needs. Here’s a look at […]

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