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Starter Homes vs. Forever Homes

Buy a starter home today and save for a forever home tomorrow? Or make the leap into your dream house at all costs (literally)? From a great investment to an archaic philosophy, opinions on starter homes vs. forever homes vary considerably and rightly so. With home prices on the rise, frozen salaries, and limited investment options, this age-old debate is experiencing a modern twist. Your Starter Home May Not Lead To A Forever Home (In Vancouver) If you’re going to make a decision between a starter home vs. a forever […]

Atrina Kouroshnia September 18, 2017 1 comment

How Leaseholds & Community Land Trusts Are Holding Up

With so few options available to those who wish to live in metro Vancouver–either due to unmet demand or financial restrictions (read: dizzying real estate prices)–leaseholds are an option I seem to be revisiting more and more these days. So I thought it would be important to take a look at some of the issues surrounding these properties, as well as the current landscape for those interested in leaseholds as an option to freehold properties. THE BASICS If you’re not sure what a leasehold is, or need more basic information […]

Atrina Kouroshnia September 7, 2017 Post Comment

Toronto’s Foreign Buyer Tax on Real Estate

After blizzards of headlines over the last few years, Vancouver real estate is no longer the only dog and pony show around. With a highly inflated housing market where a home will cost you more than 11 times the average median total family income, Toronto is keen to adopt policies that will stunt a further frenzy. The answer? Among other measures, Toronto is also on board with Vancouver’s 15% foreign buyer tax. It is still too early to know if it will it curb the appetite for real estate in […]

New Rules From BC’s Mortgage Broker Regulator & How They Affect You

Leave it to the BC real estate market to rattle some cages. Only this time, it’s BC’s mortgage broker regulator, FICOM, that has its hands on the bars. Described as “contentious,” FICOM’s new compensation disclosure guideline has now been in effect for 1.5 months. In broad terms, it changes the disclosure form to show you how much commission is being paid to your broker. And we’re talking about to the penny here folks. See the new rules from BC’s mortgage broker regulator and how they affect you below. Described by […]

The Future of Van City – Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going

As is made clear by a quick overview of Vancouver’s last 40 years, the future of our city depends largely on how we continue to tackle our urban planning. With every decision having consequences across multiple areas, let’s hope that whoever takes power in the 2017 election knows that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. IT STARTED IN THE 60’s Way back in the late 60’s, Vancouver developed a crush on the word liveability; and with good reason, too. Experiencing a mass exodus of families from […]

What Politicians’ Promises Could Really Mean for BC’s Real Estate Market

A few days ago I submitted a Huff Post article about how each major party in the 2017 provincial election intends to tackle our real estate issues. But it’s always difficult to imagine a “what if” becoming a “what is.” Here’s a look at what politicians’ promises could really mean for BC’s real estate market. One of the centralized topics for virtually every party was the recent introduction of the 15% foreign buyer tax, an amount The Green Party wants to see doubled to 30%. As outlined by a recent […]

BC Real Estate Remains A Sure Bet for Many Foreign Investors

While Vancouver held its breath after Christy Clark announced the new 15% foreign investment tax, those in the business remained poker-faced. Sure, home sales dropped over the two or three months following; but a trained player knows it takes longer than that for the real estate market to reveal its hand. Buoyed by global crises, currencies as fickle as the governments who print them, and the most heated US presidential race in recent memory, BC real estate remains a sure bet for many foreign investors. IT’S TIME TO BE HONEST… […]

Keeping Up With Vancouver’s Cambie Corridor in Phase Three

While some of us were unsure at the outset, The Cambie Corridor looks to be changing Vancouver for the better. Now in its final stages, words like “coveted” and “in demand” are being used to describe the ambitious project. Well-suited for the 30-something crowd, I’ve been keeping a keen eye on the Corridor this past year. Here’s what I’ve learned in keeping up with Vancouver’s Cambie Corridor during phase three. THE CAMBIE CORRIDOR WINS WITH PUBLIC TRANSIT An article recently published in The Georgia Straight highlighted top picks among Vancouver […]

Canada’s New Mortgage Regulations Create Bigger Competition for Entry-Level Buyers

I know what you want me to tell you. That Canada’s new mortgage regulations have quelled the stormy seas of our real estate market. That you’ll finally have a chance to compete; maybe even take part in that long-time bidding war fantasy you’ve secretly been harbouring. That just maybe, you will realize your dream of owning a home. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you that. In fact, from what I’ve seen Canada’s new mortgage regulations have just created bigger competition amongst entry-level buyers. Here’s how: SUPPLY & DEMAND IS NOT AN […]

The Truth About BC’s New Home Loan Program

It was just days before Canadians rang in 2017 that the new BC Home Partnership Program was introduced. Designed to lend a hand to first-time homebuyers eager to enter the housing market, the jury is still out on just how firm a helping hand it will be. In fact, the truth about BC’s new home loan program when it initially came out was that there was a significant lack of information about its finer points. WHAT THE NEW LOAN PROGRAM IS In place on January 16th, 2017, the program is, […]

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