The Big Short

Historical Mortgage Rates Throughout Canada At one time the Canadian mortgage market seemed like little more than some friendly competition between banks and credit unions. Boy, have times changed. From the heart-stopping mortgage rates of the 80s to our current dip just below 2.5%, today the market looks more like a stadium of gladiators at battle. To get a better idea of what the future holds for Canadian mortgages, I took a long look at Canada’s historical rates* over the last seventy years—here is some of what I discovered. The […]

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The Cambie Corridor — Building A New Vancouver

Since its relatively humble beginnings over 5 years ago now, the Cambie Corridor has been a somewhat controversial project. Approved in 2011, the area envisaged a design that would elevate the Cambie Corridor and its neighbouring areas into a community that would link to downtown Vancouver, Richmond and the airport, as well as to newly created jobs and services along the major thoroughfare. As the plan rolls out Phase Two and enters Phase Three, Vancouver prepares for a seismic shift in this often overlooked quarter. The 19-km line of the […]

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Walking on Water: Mooring & Mortgages for Houseboats

We’ve all lusted after them. Bobbing around the glittering harbours that hug Vancouver, providing photo ops for tourists, and, in general, evoking a sense of freedom and autonomy in all who pass by. For most of us, living aboard a houseboat seems like an impossibly exotic reality. We see them all the time and yet, no one seems to actually know who these lucky souls actually are, not to mention how they made it happen. A few years back, CTV published an article on floating homes. It was titled, A […]

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Saying ‘I do’ to Commercial Real Estate Investment

While many of us traditionally think of a real estate investment as a residential property, the last few years have seen strong growth amongst commercial real estate in Vancouver–today a highly sought after and valuable asset. As of late, I am being asked with increasing regularity by my clients to provide some insight into this potentially lucrative venture. While there’s too much to cover in one post, here are a few considerations. STICK WITH WHAT YOU KNOW If you’re interested in purchasing commercial real estate, think about what type appeals […]

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How The New 15% Foreign Tax Will Affect Non-Residents

After many, many months and years of reading headlines about foreign buyers snapping up real estate in B.C, the very public discourse finally ended this summer with the introduction of a property transfer tax on residential properties. The B.C. government hit foreign entities with an additional 15% applied to all title transfers registered on or after August 2, 2016, and this additional tax must be paid “regardless of when the contract of purchase and sale was entered into.” Surrounding all the hubbub in the press however, were very real situations […]

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CliffsNotes for Down Payments

Answering Your Questions (The Easy Way) Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much time you spend with a client, or how much that client has researched their upcoming investment; navigating the process of obtaining a mortgage and buying a home is rarely as straightforward as it should be. In response to some of your most frequently asked questions on down payments, I’ve cobbled together a CliffsNotes of sorts to help simplify the process. I AM LEAVING A COMMON LAW RELATIONSHIP, BUT I PAID THE DOWN PAYMENT. IS THE HOUSE MINE? NO. […]

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Real Estate Options Outside Vancouver for Non-Residents

With the soaring price of real estate and the introduction of a 15% tax for foreign buyers, more and more non-residents interested in buying property here in B.C. have begun asking me about their options outside of Vancouver. Frankly, I’m surprised it took so long. Overall the rich housing market outside of Vancouver has, until now, remained largely overlooked by non-resident buyers. Benefitting from far lower housing prices than Vancouver or it’s sister, Vancouver Island–even for crown jewels like waterfront or lakeside property–these are just a few of the options […]

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Trick or Treat – Vancouver’s Best Halloween Activities

For as long as I can remember, Halloween was one of my favourite holidays. While maybe no match for Santa Claus, once past a certain age it was, at least, more reliable. Even as an adult I still enjoy the celebration; and watching those with little ones to dress up and let loose on the streets always puts a smile on my face. Fortunately I’m not the only one either. This October, families with young children will find all kinds of great activities going on in the city. The following […]

5 Essential Documents For Your Mortgage

STEP 1. INCOME CONFIRMATION Employees will need a letter of employment (LOE), and their 2 most recent pay stubs from a major pay company. If not, lender may ask to see your account records or proof of direct deposit STEP 2. LETTERS OF EMPLOYMENT LOE must be on letterhead and confirmyour salary, guaranteed hours, wage, position title and start date. Include contact information of the person signing. If self-employed you will need T1 generals, business registration & company financials if incorporated. STEP 3. PAYSTUBS Should show your hours, your pay scale, your YTD (year to date)- this one way we can confirm […]

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Wanted: Four Paws, Good Attitude – Top Dogs for Apartment Living

Whether it’s because you’re waiting to have a family, adding to the family you already have, or you’re flying solo and eager for a little companionship–as far as good company goes, it’s awfully hard to beat our canine friends. But when it comes to indoor living, not all paws are created equal. Some dogs need more exercise and open space than others, so if your version of green space is a window flower box, you need to choose wisely. Here’s a quick roundup of a few breeds well suited to […]

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