Vancouver’s Changing Housing Market: Is Renting Really Best?

No one’s arguing the fact that Vancouver is a heated housing market. As a result, the decision to rent or own has become something of a rite of passage here in the GVA. Overall, 70% of B.C. households own, whereas just 48% of households in Vancouver do the same. That means Vancouver already has more renters than owners. While there are many benefits to renting–less responsibility, more access to cash, no property taxes, maintenance or repairs–I’d bet a big part of why that number is so high is the price […]

Atrina Kouroshnia November 17, 2016 Post Comment

Greater Vancouver Housing Prices (September 2016)

Many want to know how the market has changes, especially after the introduction of the foreign buyer tax. With data from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, I’ve designed these two infographics to compare real estate prices from May 2016 with September 2016 and was quite shocked by what I found. New changes, including the foreign buyer tax, may have thrown a proverbial branch into the wheels, but perhaps not as much as we would have thought. Although sales seem to be lower, the prices haven’t come down as […]

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5 Things Scarier Than The Cost of Vancouver Housing

With Halloween around the corner it seems only right that I dedicate a few words this month to something even scarier than Vancouver housing prices–non fiction. With subjects ranging from demonic possessions to jealous spirits and strange vortexes, here are a few of the most terrifying true-life stories ever written. THE HAUNTED, by Robert Curran It’s hard to doubt the validity of something when it’s backed by a priest and a pair of world-famous demonologists (yes, that’s a thing). But that’s exactly what The Haunted is. A true life account […]

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Housing Through The Ages

How We Live, Where We Live, & Why A fleeting thought yesterday about the effects of the digital revolution on our living spaces brought me back to a social sciences class in University that made quite an impression on me. During one particularly impassioned speech, my professor—a wonderfully forward-thinking woman—gave a searing indictment of how the industrial revolution changed everything from how we live to where we live. In particular, how most of us went from being farmers to city folks practically overnight. This change in homestead had profound effects […]

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The Big Short

Historical Mortgage Rates Throughout Canada At one time the Canadian mortgage market seemed like little more than some friendly competition between banks and credit unions. Boy, have times changed. From the heart-stopping mortgage rates of the 80s to our current dip just below 2.5%, today the market looks more like a stadium of gladiators at battle. To get a better idea of what the future holds for Canadian mortgages, I took a long look at Canada’s historical rates* over the last seventy years—here is some of what I discovered. The […]

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The Cambie Corridor — Building A New Vancouver

Since its relatively humble beginnings over 5 years ago now, the Cambie Corridor has been a somewhat controversial project. Approved in 2011, the area envisaged a design that would elevate the Cambie Corridor and its neighbouring areas into a community that would link to downtown Vancouver, Richmond and the airport, as well as to newly created jobs and services along the major thoroughfare. As the plan rolls out Phase Two and enters Phase Three, Vancouver prepares for a seismic shift in this often overlooked quarter. The 19-km line of the […]

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Walking on Water: Mooring & Mortgages for Houseboats

We’ve all lusted after them. Bobbing around the glittering harbours that hug Vancouver, providing photo ops for tourists, and, in general, evoking a sense of freedom and autonomy in all who pass by. For most of us, living aboard a houseboat seems like an impossibly exotic reality. We see them all the time and yet, no one seems to actually know who these lucky souls actually are, not to mention how they made it happen. A few years back, CTV published an article on floating homes. It was titled, A […]

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Saying ‘I do’ to Commercial Real Estate Investment

While many of us traditionally think of a real estate investment as a residential property, the last few years have seen strong growth amongst commercial real estate in Vancouver–today a highly sought after and valuable asset. As of late, I am being asked with increasing regularity by my clients to provide some insight into this potentially lucrative venture. While there’s too much to cover in one post, here are a few considerations. STICK WITH WHAT YOU KNOW If you’re interested in purchasing commercial real estate, think about what type appeals […]

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How The New 15% Foreign Tax Will Affect Non-Residents

After many, many months and years of reading headlines about foreign buyers snapping up real estate in B.C, the very public discourse finally ended this summer with the introduction of a property transfer tax on residential properties. The B.C. government hit foreign entities with an additional 15% applied to all title transfers registered on or after August 2, 2016, and this additional tax must be paid “regardless of when the contract of purchase and sale was entered into.” Surrounding all the hubbub in the press however, were very real situations […]

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CliffsNotes for Down Payments

Answering Your Questions (The Easy Way) Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much time you spend with a client, or how much that client has researched their upcoming investment; navigating the process of obtaining a mortgage and buying a home is rarely as straightforward as it should be. In response to some of your most frequently asked questions on down payments, I’ve cobbled together a CliffsNotes of sorts to help simplify the process. I AM LEAVING A COMMON LAW RELATIONSHIP, BUT I PAID THE DOWN PAYMENT. IS THE HOUSE MINE? NO. […]

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