Spring Trends in Vancouver 2016


Trend #1: Appliances shrink to match condo sizes

Trend #2: You’re bound to find perennials popping up on balconies, porches, yards and flower boxes all over Vancouver this spring. For terrific advice on nurturing these sturdy yet stunning buds look to CBC’s The Canadian Gardener, David Tarrant and his book, New Perennials.


Trend #3: With the size of units in Vancouver shrinking, small appliances are making a big entrance in 2016. From ‘skinny refrigerators’ to mini wine cellars, European­style appliances are proof you don’t have to give up your creature comforts just because you live in a tiny space. Check out Remodelista for a list of tiny kitchen fave’s.

Trend #4: Local designer Kendall Ansell advocates the importance of a 5-­sense approach to design. Engaging all the senses is imperative for you to feel at home in your space.

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