Ready to get started? These documents below include all the information that is required from most people to obtain a mortgage in Canada. More documents may be required for business for self individuals, individuals with poor credit, or non residents.

Budget Expense Sheet

I highly encourage all clients to start off calculating their budget. It’s key to calculate your affordability with your take home income and your current lifestyle. From there, find out what you can realistically put towards housing (mortgage, property taxes, etc). If that figure can not get you into your desired home, go back to your expenses and see what items you can sacrifice on (if any).

Mortgage Application & Consent

Must include/be completed by all applicants.

Document Checklist

Documents required for each applicant.

Template Employment Letter

Employment letter must be printed on company letterhead and signed by supervisor.

Summary of Closing Costs in BC

A simple rule of thumb for most people is to put aside at least 2% of your purchase price to cover associated closings costs. If you are a first time home buyer or want to see if the property transfer tax exemption applies to you, check out this link.