Title Tango: Navigating the Dance of Ownership Changes

Are you grappling with the complexities of joint ownership and seeking a seamless solution?  Selling doesn’t have to be the only option.

An equity buyout may be exactly what you need. Whether you’re navigating spousal separation, investment property co-ownership, or family arrangements, here’s the info you will need.


Equity take outs are open to anyone with joint ownership, regardless of relationship. This could include co-investors, spousal buyout, and even family rearrangement on the mortgage/title.

Depending on how much equity we are taking out, we can look at it either as a refinance or a purchase. A purchase allows you to take out up to 95% of the current home’s value.


Standard qualification applies to all equity buyouts. For those looking at a spousal equity buy out a finalized separation agreement will also be required. The agreement must clearly outline each party’s financial obligation and how the interest in the property will be divided.

Other documents required include:

  • Standard income documentation (employment letter, pay slips, income tax returns)
  • Property information (Tax bill, appraisal, strata/condo documentation, appraisal)
  • Other property: If you own a rental or secondary home all property information and income from the property will be required.

Ready to explore your equity takeout options? Get in touch to see how you can keep the property and maintain your real estate portfolio.

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About Atrina Kouroshnia

Atrina Kouroshnia is an independent, licensed, mortgage broker in the province of British Columbia. She has a degree in Human Relations & Commerce, and past work experiences in HR & Real Estate Development. She comes to the table with great customer service and problem-solving skills. Her approach to finding the best mortgage solution involves both short and long-term planning, making sure her clients are in a suitable mortgage that is flexible to their needs.